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Water Damage Restoration in Rogers

Has sudden flooding greatly affected your home and quality of life? Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC is here to lend a helping hand. Our team of experts is the one to call when you need water damage restoration. Our response time is timely, and our services are efficient and affordable.

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Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration

Has water wreaked havoc on your home? Even a small leak can gradually release buckets of water into your home as time passes. Water damage can also reduce your home’s air quality. Our company provides full-service water damage restoration for both residential and commercial properties. We’re experienced in dealing with a wide range of water issues, including (but not limited to):

  • Flood restoration
  • Sewer backups
  • Burst or frozen pipes
  • Emergency water damage

That’s the stuff we don’t want! By hiring our professional restoration specialists to tend to your home, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We follow a step-by-step process that is sure to keep your home dry, decontaminated, and damage-free.

Our full-service water damage restoration includes:

  • Water Damage Detection and Identification
  • Assessment of Damage for Insurance Purposes
  • Water Retrieval and Removal
  • Damaged Drywall Removal
  • Full Clean-Up and Thorough Decontamination
  • Drying and Dehumidifying
  • Final Comprehensive Repair Process

If you have any questions about our services, give us a call!

In-Depth Property Inspections

We recognize that dealing with water damage in your home or business is a stress-filled affair. With that in mind, we’ve developed our property inspections to be as thorough and informative as possible—we don’t want you worrying about anything you don’t need to. 

Our inspections are comprehensive. We’ll send a certified technician on-site at your earliest convenience. We’ll check for the source of water damage and assess the extent of both cosmetic and structural damage to your property. Drawing from our far-reaching background in the industry, we’ll effectively evaluate the scope of the restoration job with this visual inspection. From there, we can walk you through what the process will practically entail, as well as what you can expect it to cost.

Detailed Consultations

Our consultations are designed to meet your unique needs and provide the most cost-effective, valuable solution to your problem. You’ll appreciate our candid and courteous demeanor—we’ll speak frankly and honestly while having compassion for your predicament.

Ultimately, we seek to take the stress of restoration off your shoulders. We’ll get your property back to its original, safe condition so that you can focus on other responsibilities.

Fast Turnaround Times on Water Restoration

Water remediation and restoration is an intensive process that requires skill, knowledge, and patience. However, we recognize that our clients are often under strict time constraints, so we’ve streamlined our labor practices to be as efficient as possible. We aim to get you back inside your property as quickly as is safe. To make that happen, we employ the full resources of our company.

To start, we use high-powered, commercial-grade equipment to remove excess water. Our state-of-the-art machinery reduces the chances of problematic mold growth later on. When the visible water is gone, we’ll use our advanced infrared technology to detect water where it might be hiding unseen, such as under the floors. Lastly, our comprehensive services will also cover the structural, electrical, or plumbing repairs required. The bottom line is, we’ll work relentlessly to cut your downtime wherever possible. Then we’ll keep working until the job gets done.

Protecting from Future Water Damage

We’re experts in not only damage restoration, but also damage prevention. After we’ve restored your property, we’ll help you safeguard it against future problems. Thanks to our first-hand experience in the field, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with expert advice and practical countermeasures to protect your property against further damage.

Your safety is always our priority. We make sure that our job is done right. To accomplish this, we provide our clients with exhaustive post-project inspections. During these assessments, we’ll make sure the quality of our work is holding up. If we identify any potential issues, we’ll rectify them. For us, restoration isn’t merely covering up the damage. For us, restoration means eradicating the damage once and for all.

Restoration and Renewal: The Difference Is in the Details

We do more than just restore your home to its original condition. We like to go the extra mile and give it a complete clean-up! When we finish the restoration process, we leave your home in an even better condition than it was pre-flood.

Since we’re qualified contractors, we can always add a special touch to any room. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and overall skill when it comes to both restoration and construction. We also bill directly to your insurance company to make things less stressful for you.

Affordable Mold and Mildew Removal Services

Mold removal and remediation is a significant part of the restoration process, and it shouldn’t be rushed. Mold takes a bit of time to form and therefore removing it might take some time too. We promise to work promptly without sacrificing quality for the sake of speed.

We save time by being thorough in our inspection and never starting repairs before all mold and mildew are removed. By following strict safety measures, we save you time and money in the long run. Our team doesn’t want you to go through this again if you don’t have to. Hiring the right people can make a difference! Call us to get started.

24/7 Emergency Water Restoration Services

At Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC, we understand the urgency. Water damage is often sudden and expected, and flooding can sneak up on you when you least expect it. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services for the times you need us most. We’ll be there as quick as possible and ready to work.

The Best Water Damage Restoration in Rogers

When water damage has got you down, contact the team at Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC, and we’ll be able to help you right away. Our dedication to providing excellent service has stood the test of time. Give us a try! Call us now at (479) 287-6205 for a service quote.

Skilled Water Restorations Specialists

When unexpected water damage strikes your Rogers home, you can depend on the experience and expertise of Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC.

Our highly-qualified specialists use the latest, most powerful equipment and materials to deliver fast, efficient results. We will quickly assess the state of water damage, immediately remedy the initial issues and proceed with repairs.

In no time, your home will be restored to its safe, inviting original state.

We offer extremely rapid response times, 24-hour availability, and outstanding workmanship. In addition to our exceptional customer service, we provide competitive pricing and quotes for our damage restoration services.

To learn more, contact us today!

Swift, Dependable Water Restoration

Water damage can be caused by many unpredictable factors, from natural disasters and HVAC problems to damaged appliances or burst pipes. Regardless of the cause, home water damage can be inconvenient at best and highly dangerous at worst.

We realize what a stressful and often devastating situation this creates for Rogers’ homeowners. That’s why we’re committed to solving the problem as rapidly as possible, helping you return to life as usual.

Water damage must be addressed and repaired very quickly, as your household materials and furnishings are immediately at risk of mold and further damage.

When Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC arrives at your home, our first task will be to locate and stop the source of flooding. Once the flooding has been contained, we will proceed with our innovative water removal technology and repair your home’s finishes and features. We treat your household belongings with the utmost respect and care during the water restoration process. We treat belongings as though they were our own, and quickly restore them to their original quality.

In no time, your home will be returned to a comfortable, dry, and secure environment.

No matter what happened, you can trust our precision and thoroughness.

When disaster strikes, our company is the name to know!

Water Damage Restoration Process

We will begin with a full assessment of the state of your water damage.

In order to use the proper methods and products for each issue, three categories are assigned to classify water damage.

  • Category 1 refers to spillage of clean water, which does not create a health hazard. Examples include an overflowed sink or broken washing machine.
  • Category 2 is grey water, which is contaminated and contains microorganisms. Broken toilets and seepage are examples.
  • Category 3 is black water, highly unsanitary and posing immediate threats of illness. Sewer back-ups, stagnant water, and other contaminations can be considered Category 3.

Following the assessment, Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC will proceed with the water restoration. We use the latest and most sophisticated equipment and procedures to remove excess water. After water has been removed using pumps and vacuums, the drying process will begin using a dehumidifier.

Personal belongings will be sanitized, and carpets, drapes, or clothes that have absorbed water will be treated with an antimicrobial solution.

We will also evaluate the state of damage sustained by drywall, floors, insulation, ceilings, and other household components. We will repair or replace as needed.

When you need the most reliable water damage restoration, reach out to our experts!

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