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dry ice blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Services

Dry ice blasting is a fast remediation method that uses high-velocity, high-density dry ice to clean surfaces without damaging the structure or creating new waste streams. Dry ice blasting eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual sanding and wire brushing by removing the contaminants.

Why Choose Dry Ice Blasting?

The best part of dry ice blasting is that it cleans without being abrasive. Because the dry ice pellets evaporate on impact, they leave no residues, scratches, or contaminants behind. Unlike sanding or high-pressure water, dry ice simply vanishes into thin air after cleaning. Our professional remediators undergo specialized training to use our state-of-the-art cryogenic blasting machinery. Their precision work is unparalleled in the field.

Another advantage is that there almost no environmental impact associated with the process: no wasted water and no wasted sand. Even the liquid C02 that's used to make the dry ice pellets is typically collected as industry waste, meaning that the carbon impact is zero. The only energy consumed is the negligible quantity of energy needed to power the machine itself.

Quicker, safer, and more thorough than chemical treatments or sanding, dry ice blasting is revolutionizing the remediation industry—and Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC is one of the industry leaders in Arkansas.

What Surfaces Can Be Dry Ice Blasted?

Dry ice blasting is perfect for both residential and commercial use. Because it doesn't damage the surfaces it cleans, it's ideal for delicate materials like wood and tile. It's also great for cleaning the inside of electrical machinery with metal surfaces, cables, switches, photoelectric sensors, etc. And for heavy machinery, the results are the same: all those hard to reach—and in many cases, dangerous to reach—parts can be cleaned with ease. Some examples of machinery we clean include:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Heat exchangers
  • Evaporators
  • Generator fans
  • Transformers
  • Stator and rotors
  • Gas turbine cleaning

The precision blasting machinery is perfect for homeowners who have suffered from floods and resultant mold problems. The thermal shock kills any organic growth and will remove precise layers of dirt that have built up on both hard and soft surfaces.

We combine this sophisticated technology with our quick response time and unparalleled customer service to offer a remediation service. Call us today to book an appointment.


Some machinery can be cleaned with it being in use or with minimal downtime, it also is very fast to clean up because there is no residue left from the dry ice just the material we are blasting off.

Because of the temperature difference between the dry ice particles (-109 Fahrenheit / -78.3 Centigrade) and the surface being treated, thermal shock occurs during the dry ice blasting process. This breaks down the bond between the substrate and the contaminant to be removed from it. The dry ice vaporizes on impact, so no secondary waste stream is created.

A number of industries worldwide have discovered the advantages of this precision cleaning process. Applications range from heavy slag removal to delicate semiconductor and circuit board cleaning. The Mold Remediation Industry adopted dry Ice blasting as an acceptable and sometimes preferable method to remediate structures (IICRC S-500). Dry ice blasting is a dry, nonabrasive, non-conductive process that leaves no residual media to clean up. It’s a pure and powerful solution for mold remediation. Dry ice blasting is great for commercial coating removal.

Food and Hospital Use

Dry Ice cleaning of the surface of products and instruments is not toxic and will stop the growth of mold, mildew, and other fungi as well as stopping odors at the source by the elimination of the bacterial host environment instead of a masking agent or cover-up. Dry Ice cleaning is 100% ecologically safe, USDA rated, biodegradable, and harmless to humans, animals, and marine life. Cold jet has more on their website if you would like to view the articles. Reports available that tested the disinfecting and cleaning ability of dry ice blast cleaning equipment in the food industry is Food Standards Agency Report, Microchem Bioscience Limited, 19/09/2004, and there are many articles available on the web.

A Fast, Efficient Alternative to Traditional Cleaning

With dry ice blasting technology, it has become possible to clean faster than ever without any waste disposal, abrasion, toxic chemicals, substrate damage, and electrical conductivity. Remediation has never been more efficient and safer at the same time. Whereas other blasting technologies like sand, glass beads, and solvents, may become toxic upon contact with hazardous materials—the very materials they are meant to clean—dry ice doesn't. It remains non-toxic and requires no disposal.

From factories to homes to historical restoration projects, dry ice blasting is a superior method. And there's no one more skilled in the region than Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC. Our technicians are friendly, hard-working, and take every precaution to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

Interested in Learning More About Our Dry Ice Blasting Services?

Sounds like it's time to give us a call. We service both residential and commercial clients for remediation and cleaning services. We perform every job with the professionalism and efficiency of industry leaders. And if you want more information, check out the videos of our team in action. Call us today to book an appointment!

dry ice blasting
dry ice blasting
dry ice blasting

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