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media blasting

Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC has been providing professional media blasting services for years. Our high-quality machinery, industry-leading tools, and expertise allow us to effectively remove various abrasive materials from an array of unique surfaces.

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Media Blasting. We Get the Job Done

Over our many years in the business, our experts continue to deliver media blasting services to meet the unique needs of our many clients. Media blasting can be used to clean a myriad of surfaces, but it’s important to choose the right products. That is why we take the time to discuss the options available to you, and the type of services we offer through a detailed consultation.

Media Blasting Service Consultations

To deliver highly customized results, we always begin our service with a thorough consultation. During this initial meeting, we will get an understanding of the project at hand. We will discuss with you what kind of surface you are hoping to blast and what results you wish to achieve. From there, we can make appropriate suggestions for the kinds of media that could be used.

We will also take this time to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Understanding Media Blasting Materials

There are various media blasting materials available on the market today, each offering unique benefits and can be used to remove various coatings. At Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC, we are proud to offer a few different options such as sandblasting, walnut shell blasting, and glass blasting.

It’s important to have a thorough understanding of your options before getting started. Here is a detailed look at the media blasting options available:


Sand Blasting old coatings and corrosion Abrasive blast cleaning (also known as sandblasting or media blasting) is an excellent option to remove rust, coatings, and other foreign matter from many surfaces, it is important that the surface be clean to achieve maximum adhesion and durability while coating. Sand Blasting is more clean than dry ice. Every type of blasting media works best for different situations.

for glass blasting media

This is an inert abrasive that is recommended by NIOSH as a substitute for slag and mineral abrasives. Contains no heavy metals, no free silica, Also is great for blasting projects where it is impractical to recover lost or spilled spent abrasive. Applications are numerous and range from use as a filler, anti-skid, anti-slip additive for resin and epoxy coatings, surface prep sandblasting, log home blasting, and concrete panel blasting, etc. It is much more aggressive than soda blasting, it can remove more corrosion and rougher coatings that some media cannot. It is CARB approved for outdoor blasting. Also, most of the time its recycled so it’s a greener product.

Walnut shell blasting

Using Walnut Shells to Clean abrasive surfaces such as ferrous metals or soft abrasive material left inside a working part will break down with minimal damage. Great For uses where in environment could be harmed such as on bridges over rivers, It is also a healthier product than sand being (Free silica) It can replace sand in paint removal, graffiti, and general cleaning in restoration industry. Walnut shells along with dry ice blasting can be used to clean aircraft engines and steam turbines. Walnut shells can be used for cleaning and polishing metal parts in vibratory tumblers, it treated with a polishing compound to enhance the outcome. When the walnut media is mixed with the polishing compound, dirty metal parts are left clean and shining.

Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC: Top Choice for Media Blasting in the Area

Media blasting is no simple task. It takes professional-grade tools, heavy-duty equipment, and a team of highly trained professionals. Fortunately, our experts have years of experience, and you can trust us to deliver the best media blasting services in the area.

We are well known for our high-quality services, commitment to customer satisfaction, and seamless results. Additionally, we offer our highly sought-after and trusted media blasting services at competitive rates, completely unmatched by competitors in the area.

When it comes to media blasting, we are second to none.

Media Blasting for Your Home and Business Needs

Media blasting can be handy in the home and on commercial properties.

Residential media blasting can be used for:

  • Removing paint from concrete
  • Removing fungus and mold from contaminated areas
  • Removing moisture stains
  • Removing paint from metal fences
  • Restoring brick and stone walls
  • Cleaning slate roofs

Commercial media blasting can be used for:

  • Preparing surfaces for painting
  • Removing rust from steel surfaces
  • Degreasing and restore equipment
  • Blast cleaning machinery
  • And so much more!

Media Blasting Experts at Your Service

Media blasting is a powerful tool that can be used in various settings. For high-quality results, it’s crucial to enlist the help of an experienced professional.

If you think you could benefit from media blasting at work or home, get in touch with our experts today.

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